30 Wild Days: day 4 – Sacred Jackdaws

Today, again, I really missed my camera as we were watching and listening to the Jackdaws that are nesting in the village. Later this evening we had a visit of three to the bird table, but my super slow phone camera only managed to catch one in a very fuzzy photograph.

Jackdaws are interesting birds in folklore. In Welsh tradition they are said to be innocent and sacred birds, as the nest in church tower. Apparently the devil will have nothing to do with them.

However, in English folklore they are both good and bad. They are untrustworthy and associated with ill luck if found perched on your house, but a group of them is said to signify a new addition to the family and/or good fortune.

There is also the famous poem the Jackdaw of Rheims by Thomas Ingoldsby (the pen of an English clergyman named Richard Harris Barham), which you can listen to here if you wish.



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