30 Wild Days: day 11 – Daisy Daisy

There are some lovely clumps of wild flowers at work at the minute, but one of my absolute favourites are daisies.

By nice coincidence they are attached to so much folklory stuff. Who hasn’t carried out their own divination and counted the petals of a ‘measure of love’ flower (and who hasn’t fixed the result!).

Nicholas Culpeper talks about the healing properties of the daisy, particularly for inflammation. During the medieval period the crushed flower were thought to aid wounds and help healing. Daisies were also thought to aid “women’s problems”, and in Wales during the Middle Ages it was used to treat madness, small pox and tumours.

Interestingly in celtic traditions it was thought that children who died at birth became daisies

Daisies were also used as protection – children dressed with daisy chains could not be stolen by fairies.



One thought on “30 Wild Days: day 11 – Daisy Daisy

  1. calmgrove says:

    I didn’t know that about daisy chains, but luckily none of our children are changelings!

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