30 Wild Days: day 13 – pebbles

Went with the wild ones to the coast again (luckily no grazed knees this week), it was glorious in the sunshine

I love the pebbles along the sea edge at Lyme Regis, and I’m on the lookout for the famous Dorset Hag Stones.

A Hag Stone is a naturally perforated stone usually found washed up on beaches.

The stone was then worn, hung up in the house, or hung around the neck of cattle to protect from evil – especially witches.

These stones were particularly used to stop horses being ‘hag ridden’ by supernatural creatures during the night, leaving them sweating and exhausted in the morning.

Humans could also suffer from being hag ridden,  but in the form of distressing nightmares, said to be caused by witches sitting on the chests of their victim rendering them unable to move and break out of the curse. They would wake tired and “haggard” the following morning.

I haven’t found one yet, but I’ve got plenty of stones to check!



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