30 Wild Days: day 15 and 16 argh spiders!

Past the half way mark in the 30 days wild – and I was pleased with myself that I had managed to keep up despite making life hard by deciding to add in folklore!

So Day 15 involved spiders, lots of them in the gravel in the garden. Littlest un was fascinated.

It’s also littlest un’s fault the post didn’t get written. Lots of screaming and a broken night.

So moving forward to day 16, and the spider theme continued, with seemingly an explosion of cobwebs and arachnids in the bushes at work.

Now I’m not keen on spiders, but I do find them interesting, and from a folkloric perspective there are stories in societies all around the world.

The obvious one is throwing a money spider over your [left] shoulder for luck, and its actually a bad omen to kill one that is roaming around your home (not sure if vacuuming counts under this….).

In Scotland they were thought to be good for the treatment of wounds, and seen as kind creatures.

All over the United Kingdom, but in Scotland and Wales especially (and also Ireland) they were associated with spinning, a magical and divine activity of fairies or early goddesses.

It’s interesting that spiders didn’t have the association with sinister, frightening things that they do in modern stories and popular culture.

Still don’t like them…




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