30 Wild Days: day 18 – Bats aren’t bugs…

So this evening I’ve been watching the pipistrelle bats racing around. I love bats, ever since the ‘batman’ came to show my brownie pack some injured ones when I was about 7.

Bats get a bad press in literature, but in many cultures they were seen as protective.
Just to be absolutely sure, they’re not blind, nor do they get tangled up in hair.

In Britain seeing a bat at twilight is sign of good weather in the morning (one indoors signifies rain).

A bat in the house brings good fortune, and in Shropshire it’s considered bad luck (and obviously now illegal) to kill one.

Anyway, despite all of this I can’t get a shot of them for this post.
So I’m going to cheat and resort to this in-depth report below… 🙂

Calvin and Hobbes Comic Strip, November 03, 1989 on GoComics.com.


One thought on “30 Wild Days: day 18 – Bats aren’t bugs…

  1. calmgrove says:

    When we were having an old farmhouse done up, on at least two occasions bats found their way in, one flying around and around a bedroom until I angled a door so that half knocked itself out before I released it. Another time two young pipistrelles fell into a rain water butt, had to be fished out and left to dry on a window sill. So much for their vaunted sense of direction.

    Oh, and two long-eared bats flew at different times into a conservatory; one I managed to rescue from the cats, but of the other sadly all we found was a leathery wing looking for all the world like a dead leaf on the floor…

    It’s always lovely to watch housemartins and swallows hovering up insects during the day, with bats taking over the shift at dusk.

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