30 Wild Days: day 20 – Lemon Balm

A nice cup Lemon Balm ‘tea’ is in order.

Now I know it’s not a native plant… but it was used in monastic gardens (after being brought to England via Spanish trading) and then naturalised in the south of England, so I can justifiy it’s inclusion here.

Lemon Balm is known for its soothing qualities, particularly of stress and anxiety. The 16th century herbalist John Gerad talked about the many uses for it

“…Drunk in wine, it is good against the bitings of venomous beast, comforts the heart, and drives away melancholy…The juice glueth together green wounds.”

Apparently Shakespeare uses it in a number of his plays, as the flower of Lemon Balm was used as a sort of code; in this case as a message of sympathy between lover.

There is also historical evidence that if Lemon Balm has an interesting effect on bees and makes them stay together in the hive or another place.

In folkloric terms Lemon Balm was also used to ward of evil.

For me, I like the taste, but I’m hoping for a bit of that calming quaility after a pretty full on day….



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