30 Wild Days: day 22 and 23 – train trips and flying slugs

Day 22 was spent mostly travelling, but there is some fantastic wildlife visible from the train. Unfortunately, not the type that can be photographed. You’ll have to take my word that the female deer and baby were beautiful.

Day 23 had a strange start, namely flying (or more technically correct, falling) slugs.
Out in the garden with the wild ones before breakfast inspecting little un’s pumpkin plants when the littlest un shouted out. A slug, presumably dropped by a bird, landed in front of us.

They thought it was fantastic, I’m not so sure the slug agreed (although better than being eaten I guess).

As I noted on day 2 Slugs were rubbed on warts and pierced with a thorn to remove the blemishes. They were also thought to be a cure for Tuberculosis, dysentery and stomach ulcers.

There is also some suggestion about a hangover cure, which doesn’t really bear thinking about…!



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