30 Wild Days: day 28 and 29 – poppies and moonlight

Sunday was a quiet day of pootling in the garden, and I just loved the self seeded poppies.  I know they’re not native but the colour is fantastic


Monday and the penultimate day of this challenge was ended by just taking in the almost full moon.  
Okay, so not strictly nature,  but certainly something which, if all the moon planting advice is to go by, makes a real difference to how plants grow.

Animals too are really governed by the moon (the stag rutting season fall between two full moon, for example).

Obviously, us humans are supposed to be effected by full moons; the whole lunatic notion.

In folklore terms there are lots of connections, so I’m going to cherry  pick a couple of examples.

I can’t not mention werewolves,  and their transformation on a full moon.

Gateways to fae lands through fairy rings and similar are sometimes said to open only on a full moon (and I’ve warned you about that before….)



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