30 Wild Days: day 30 – the end is nigh

So the final day, and I made it to the end.  There were a few multiple entries but not too bad overall considering I did put added pressure on myself by saying I’d add the folklore to the nature I found. And it was genuinely that way, the wildlife led the post, and some did require a bit of researching!!

Tonight I watched a little wood mouse run around the garden. I couldn’t get a shot so this will be the only picture-less post. I guess fitting in some ways.

If a mouse is heard to squeak near an ill person it will foretell their death, also they’re rumoured to be a cure for baldness…

I am going to miss this…


One thought on “30 Wild Days: day 30 – the end is nigh

  1. calmgrove says:

    What a lovely sequence to envision and carry out. I must do a catch up on those posts I missed, and soon. So many folk- and fairytales feature mice, don’t they? Sadly I haven’t heard any mice squeak in the last few years, which probably accounts for the squeaky clean reflections from my pate…

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